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Sol Oeste clients can now share access to their Sol Oeste accounts with friends and loved ones in Mexico. Shared accounts allow multiple people to use the same account across the border. Whether you are doing international business or sending money to loved ones, Sol Oeste provides you a quick and easy way to send money, pay bills, check your transactions, and more.


Open a new account or add a user to an existing Sol Oeste account.


Add funds to the shared account.


Send a debit card to friends and loved ones.


Use the debit card at an ATM or at point of sale for transaction.

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Share Money

With Sol Oeste you can share money with friends and loved ones in the U.S. and Mexico in minutes.

Pay Bills

The money is on its way! Paying bills is fast and easy.

Choice and Convenience

Transfer directly to a participating bank account or for cash pick up.

Track a Transfer

Whether you sent money or paid a bill, the status of your transfer is only a few clicks away.

Money in Minutes

Send by debit card for fast cash pick up at an agent location.

Get Personalized Advice

Contact us for personalized advice and solutions.

The Traveler’s Choice for Cross-Border Banking

Get the personalized advice and solutions you need to optimize your cross-border financial transactions

Are you an American living in Mexico part-time? Do you travel there often for work or vacation? Are you constantly transferring funds from dollars to pesos? Sol Oeste has cross-border banking solutions to help.

Travellers and part-time residents can enjoy Sol Oeste’s convenient Cross-Border Banking between the U.S. and Mexico with 24/7 support. Manage your money through online banking, by phone or in person. (View Sol Oeste Cross-Border Banking products and services)

Whatever your needs are, we’ve got options that will make your banking easier on either side of the border.

Partner with a Sol Oeste expert to get the experience, insights, and sector expertise you need to build a solid cross-border strategy.

  • Get tailored solutions at every stage
  • Execute foreign exchange transactions
  • Make easy and secure transactions
  • Leverage personalized solutions
  • Get timely worldwide services

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